Climate action pledge must be truly honored: Global Times editorial

The Biden administration needs to ensure US emissions reduction target will be consistently implemented and will never be abandoned again. Only then can Washington genuinely encourage other countries and generate a driving force.

Russia is a huge “polar bear” that the West cannot digest. This is why being repelled by the West has becomes its destiny. The attitude of the US and the West on Russia doesn't depend on what Russia's political system is.

Who would believe that China is now nearly the only issue on which the two US parties can cooperate, and even the driving force of many US acts? Washington is anxious, while China will focus on doing its own things ...

Australia tearing up formal Belt and Road deal has little exemplary effect

Some Australian experts believe Canberra could have just let the Belt and Road deal lapse and not approve new agreements. But it chose to scrap the deal. This truly shows that Australia does not care about its relations with China ...

  • CPEC will certainly carry on in Pakistan: Global Times editorial

    Terrorist attacks in Pakistan are mainly the result of the country's domestic contradictions. There are no political forces in Pakistan that clearly identify themselves as anti-China and anti-BRI.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/22 17:56:12
  • Pakistan blast underscores mutual mistrust with US for counterterrorism

    Both Afghanistan and Pakistan are vital to US' counterterrorist strategy. Some analysts believe the US has geopolitical demands in Afghanistan where the US has more counterterrorist cooperation activities than in Pakistan.

    By Zhou Rong | 2021/4/22 17:51:08
  • Accusing China of creating 'debt trap' for Montenegro groundless

    Relations between Montenegro and China have always been relations of mutual respect and sincere cooperation. No matter the size, China has always shown great respect towards Montenegro.

    By Filip Vujanović | 2021/4/21 21:35:49
  • There is a hefty price for being 'like-minded' partners of US

    Given US strategic selfishness, the US will only create trouble for its allies and partners on their way of development so that they will be more subjected to US hegemony and find it more difficult to be independent.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/4/21 20:43:40
  • US must assume leading responsibility for Biden's climate summit to succeed: Global Times editorial

    When it comes to long-term plans such as reducing carbon emissions, it is a problem to what extent the Biden administration's decision counts. Once a Republican government returns to power, it is entirely possible that Washington may abandon the agreement again.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/21 19:23:39
  • Be wary of India's provocation amid worsening pandemic

    The new wave has made people suspect that the Indian government's early case data may be fake - misguiding the public that the country has successfully contained the epidemic in order to lift the lockdown early.

    By Lan Jianxue | 2021/4/21 17:35:04
  • Why US can't emulate China's lessons on infrastructure building

    They both can take example by each other, but on the whole, due to different economic structures, the two countries businesses will go in different directions.

    By Ding Gang | 2021/4/21 16:29:11
  • US expelling diplomats goes beyond usual decency, let alone norms of diplomacy: Russian scholar

    Editor's Note: Tensions between Russia and the US have further escalated recently, with the US imposing new sanctions on Russian officials and entities and the two expelling each other's diplomats. These events happened only a few days after US President Joe Biden had a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and proposed a summit in a third country in the coming months. What do all these ups and downs indicate for bilateral relations? How likely is a summit to take place? Global Times (GT) reporter Wang Wenwen talked to Victor Larin (Larin), academician and principal researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences, over these issues.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/20 23:22:58
  • US nuclear arms posture sends misleading signals to trap adversaries

    The US hopes to promote its defense capabilities to counter Russia's new weapons as well as boosting its own innovation in nuclear weapon development.

    By Wei Dongxu | 2021/4/20 21:34:51
  • A friend in need?

    The Biden administration had told India that its request for a lifting of the ban on the export of vaccine raw materials that threatens to slow India's inoculation drive was being considered and would be acted upon "at the earliest."

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/20 21:10:14
  • Wrong priorities lead New Delhi to worsening epidemic situation

    India must actually develop its national strength and improve people's livelihood. Or India should, at least, try its best to protect people's right to life.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/20 21:05:30
  • Washington the one undermining Five Eyes solidarity

    The Five Eyes is merely an intelligence-sharing alliance. The US now wants other members of the alliance to join the boycott of Huawei, as well as to take a stand on China's so-called human rights issues in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

    By Zhou Fangyin | 2021/4/20 20:48:01
  • Justice, not hegemony, is humanity's common value: Global Times editorial

    The international community shouldn't allow the US to disrupt the development rhythm of the world out of its selfish geopolitical interests. Humanity should jointly grasp the future in our own hands.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/20 19:47:59
  • 'Himalayan Quad' hype is Cold War mentality

    Those who see the cooperation between China, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan as a counterweight to Quad harbor a Cold War mentality. The cooperation of the four shows what real multilateralism is.

    By Lan Jianxue | 2021/4/20 18:13:00
  • Steering Russia-US relations away from diplomatic expulsion rocks

    Western decision-makers seem to consider hosting foreign diplomats not as something natural and uncontroversial but rather as a sort of privilege temporarily granted to a particular country — one that can be denied at any given moment.

    By Andrey Kortunov | 2021/4/20 12:15:18
  • Why Canberra keeps sending signals over Taiwan question

    According to an exclusive report from the Australian Financial Review, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was planning for a potential worst-case scenario if the US and China clashed over the island of Taiwan, which promoted debate over the scope and scale of Canberra's contribution.

    By Yu Lei | 2021/4/19 22:55:46
  • Thunberg's environmental commitment questioned with her silence on Japan's dumping radioactive water

    Some Western institutes and individuals who claim to advocate environmental protection have been silent toward Japan's move. Among them is Greta Thunberg.

    By Lu Xue | 2021/4/19 22:43:37
  • Potential victimized countries can take legal action against Japan dumping radioactive waters

    In dealing with the issue of Japan's discharge of contaminated radioactive wastewater, China should timely adjust its traditional position and policy on the judicial settlement of international disputes.

    By Gao Zhiguo and Qian Jiangtao | 2021/4/19 22:38:40
  • Back to normal

    As many Americans have been saying that they want to get back to normal. They are getting their wish, at least dubiously.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/19 21:30:09
  • China's answer to US' overbearing actions: equal-footing diplomacy

    If the law of the jungle is the only principle Washington recognizes, and if the US would only listen to a country with enough deterrent force, the best way to deal with it is treating it on an equal level.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/4/19 21:19:07
  • Stance on Taiwan shows lopsided Japan-US ties

    In the long run, Japan may believe its strategic interests are closer to that of the US and containing China may seem more beneficial for Japan. Japan may only try to maintain a balance between China and the US when it is forced to do so.

    By Yuan Zheng | 2021/4/19 21:14:05
  • US, allies besieging Russia offers lesson for China: Global Times editorial

    China must continue to grow its national strength and weaken the ability of the US to pressure it "from a position of strength." China can only be a friend with whom the US has to coexist because it cannot crush.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/19 20:22:03
  • What role will new US ambassador to China actually be able to play?

    The very serious opposition between political parties in the US limits the country not only in dealing with its own domestic issues, but also in the planning and implementation of its China policy.

    By Li Haidong | 2021/4/19 19:54:46
  • China-US game shifts into long stalemate

    Both countries will have to adapt to major changes in their strategic postures. This will become a new normal in their bilateral relations. Everyone needs to adapt to this.

    By Wang Wen | 2021/4/19 17:36:33
  • Don't misread rules of 'use of force' in China's Coast Guard Law

    China's Coast Guard Law is far more scientific and reasonable than those in some other countries, which allow use of force but don't specify how it will be used. China's law can avoid the abuse of force.

    By Zong Haiping | 2021/4/19 16:37:27
  • Blind to Fukushima

    Some netizens have mocked Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg for her silence on Japan dumping Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/18 22:28:39
  • Biden should drop 'Trump card' to engage with China

    For the Biden administration, accepting a confrontational strategic and competitive framework with China is the easiest road. But managing divergences with a more delicate manner and having more patience and energy to expand cooperation is the very option that will benefit the two countries and the world as well.

    By Sun Chenghao | 2021/4/18 20:59:10
  • How can US 'police' the world when it can't protect its own people?

    The US, which always boasts it is a "beacon of democracy," is not truly interested in protecting the lives of ordinary people from the threats of gun violence. Ironically, such a country continues to act as the "policeman of the world."

    By Lu Xue | 2021/4/18 20:05:50
  • To deal with climate change, China-US cooperation is important and sensitive: Global Times editorial

    We should promote that the common interests of humanity are jointly defined by the interests of peoples from all countries, rather than by a handful of countries that want to monopolize this definition.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/18 19:49:26
  • Do allies still have strong trust in US security commitment?

    The US will find it hard to restore its leadership role and rebuild the confidence of its allies. Time is needed as the US fulfills its promises to the international community and its allies under a multilateral world, and as it takes on the responsibility as a major power.

    By Tian Jingling | 2021/4/18 19:24:46
  • Afghanistan paid highest price for America's failed war on terror

    Instead of making irresponsible remarks, it's better for the US president to declare defeat as its campaign of war on terror was nothing but a big flop.

    By Mansoor Faizy | 2021/4/18 15:28:39
  • China should actively consider legal battle against Japan's wastewater plan: experts

    China should proactively prepare a legal battle against Japan, as it will likely be the biggest victim if Japan dumps more than a million tons of radioactive wastewater from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, experts said on Saturday at a symposium.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/4/17 22:11:04
  • Whoever the US claims to 'stand with' will have rough luck: Global Times editorial

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a Friday statement condemned the sentencing of Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai, opposition campaigner Martin Lee Chu-ming and other activists. “We will continue to stand with Hongkongers,” Blinken said. But what he said is completely opposite to reality. As a matter of fact, Washington has always been standing, and will continue to stand with the “enemy of Hong Kong.” It is wantonly interfering in Hong Kong's rule of law and judicial independence.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/17 19:29:06
  • US-Japan alliance is becoming the axis of endangering peace in Asia-Pacific: Global Times editorial

    US President Joe Biden and visiting Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on Friday issued a joint statement which mainly themed on dealing with China. The statement talked a lot about the importance of the US-Japan alliance, an alliance being touted as "US-Japan global partnership for a new era." In the statement, the two countries pledge to work together to resist "challenges to the free and open rules-based international order." The statement outlined the situation in the Indo-Pacific region, accusing China of conducting "economic and other forms of coercion" in the region. It also mentioned the Taiwan question - the first time since 1969 American and Japanese top leaders have done so in their joint statement.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/17 15:04:55
  • 'Seven sins' emerge from flawed Western political systems: Global Times editorial

    Western political systems are getting increasingly rigid, inefficient, and are declining. They are in urgent need of profound systematic reform. No one wants to challenge them, but they need to challenge themselves.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/17 0:57:55
  • Summit of leaders from China, France, Germany shows good timing: Global Times editorial

    Chinese President Xi Jinping, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a video summit on Friday. The leaders of the three countries exchanged in-depth views and reached a consensus for cooperation on climate change, China-Europe relations, anti-epidemic cooperation, and major international and regional issues.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/17 0:52:21
  • China's Q1 GDP surge spurs world recovery: Global Times editorial

    If everything goes smoothly, an annual growth rate of 8 percent can almost be secured.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/16 17:18:39
  • Scanning codes for food needs new order

    It has become quite common for restaurants in China to use scanning codes instead of human services for taking orders.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/16 16:13:39
  • Inevitable for Germany and Europe to seek break from US dependence

    The increased presence of US troops is what Germany needs. But Berlin, in its deep heart, wants to get rid of this dependence.

    By Sun Keqin | 2021/4/16 15:27:44
  • Wastewater dumping reveals Japan's aggressiveness hidden behind a smoke screen of politeness

    Japan is consuming its reputation as an economic and cultural powerhouse it has strived hard to achieve since the end of World War II, and its efforts to become a political major power and normal country will be questioned strongly by the international community, especially by neighboring countries, thanks to its decision this week to dump wastewater from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/4/16 1:01:23
  • Comparing Han Chinese as 'white people' is white supremacy itself

    Some people in the West wish to utilize identity politics to create internal contradictions in China. The Chinese people are sick of such tricks. Their daydream will only end up being blown up.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/4/15 22:15:41
  • Long overdue

    US President Joe Biden said that he plans to withdraw remaining US troops from the "forever war" in Afghanistan before September 11.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/15 21:28:29
  • Targeted by US, China has to do three things: Global Times editorial

    We cannot expect the struggle against the US to be over in one stroke. Only by stabilizing the situation with the incremental strength that we keep accumulating can we eventually turn the tables.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/15 21:03:18
  • Upright voice needed globally against Western public opinion hegemony

    What Western countries fear now is that China is on an equal footing with them, and that the so-called China's wolf warrior diplomacy has prevented them from stirring international public opinion.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/15 19:50:58
  • Can Joe Biden really end America's 'forever wars' in Afghanistan?

    The biggest mistake that the US has made during the past 20 years of war on terror is that it got its strategic focus wrong. There is nothing wrong with anti-terrorism, but the US expanded the war on terror in an attempt to achieve some unrelated goals.

    By Liu Weidong | 2021/4/15 19:33:20
  • West suffers unnecessarily from 'China Syndrome'

    What will China eventually become? Will China be able to fulfill Western expectations? Will China be a destructive or constructive world power? Carry the status-quo or become revisionist? A force for continuity or a force for change?

    By Li Xing and Peng Bo | 2021/4/15 16:55:14
  • US gives nod to Japan's environmental terrorism

    The US is indulging environmental terrorism by applauding Japan's decision to dump nuclear waste water into Pacific Ocean. The Biden administration is putting calculated political moves above issues of concern for the entire world.

    By Robert Walker | 2021/4/15 15:44:33
  • US not criticizing India over human rights exposes hypocrisy

    When it comes to human rights issues, the US double standards are obvious to all.

    By Liu Zongyi | 2021/4/15 15:31:18
  • US-Japan alliance looks solid, but their self-interests drift apart

    The US' two-faced strategy toward Japan shows the divergent interests between the two. The US-Japan alliance looks solid, but their self-interests drift apart and this is something both parties know.

    By Cai Liang | 2021/4/15 9:20:10
  • When real determination is lacking, the US should maintain 'strategic ambiguity': Global Times editorial

    If the US adopts a clear commitment to the island of Taiwan and leads to a sudden change in the cross-Straits situation and makes the Chinese mainland determined to settle the Taiwan question, Washington will then face a dilemma.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/14 23:33:40
  • Blame game

    The 2021 threat assessment report from the US intelligence agencies has described China as the biggest threat to the US.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/14 21:13:40
  • China-US climate cooperation set in toxic environment: Global Times editorial

    It's better to have one more point of cooperation than having one more point of conflict in the China-US relations. After all, the bilateral relationship is not all about strategy, it is a set of various exchanges. Whoever can push the bilateral relationship forward a little should be commended.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/14 20:58:24
  • Russia-US ties hard to thaw amid geopolitical conflicts

    It may be hard for the two sides to reach substantive results since they need more in-depth exchange of interests and discussions. The easing of Russia-US relations has not yet reached that point.

    By Yang Jin | 2021/4/14 20:23:40
  • 'Special' relationship between Tokyo and Washington is a false proposition

    Japan needs to be careful not to fall into the trap of expressions like, "there is something special in the US-Japan relations." If Japan completely falls back on the US, it will certainly harm its relationship with China, especially economically.

    By Da Zhigang | 2021/4/14 20:13:25
  • Berlin-Tokyo military ties have inherent limitations

    Germany and Japan may not opt for an all-out confrontation with China. Yet their relevant moves are undoubtedly hurting the atmosphere of cooperating with China.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/4/14 19:11:43
  • Can US fix joblessness in post-pandemic era?

    In post-pandemic era, biggest challenge the US will encounter is to create more jobs for the unemployed; otherwise it will continue to pay the huge relief bill for them. Can US fix joblessness in post-pandemic era?

    By Ding Gang | 2021/4/14 17:46:02
  • 'Intrusion' of US warship in Indian EEZ highlights Quad's dilemma

    The US "intrusion" of Indian's EEZ is indicative. It highlights Quad has reached its ceiling and its internal contradiction is about to emerge.

    By Xie Chao | 2021/4/14 10:28:09
  • Pompeo, DPP authorities are using each other for their own ends

    Pompeo is not a policymaker, nor will he have any real impact on existing US policy toward Taiwan island. There is no need to overestimate his Taiwan visit plan.

    By Qing Yun | 2021/4/13 23:06:23
  • Partner in crime

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted, "We thank Japan for its transparent efforts in its decision to dispose of the treated water."

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/13 22:33:28
  • US-Japan collusion on nuke wastewater disgusting: Global Times editorial

    It is understandable that the radioactive wastewater has to be treated one way or the other eventually. But Japan hasn't done enough yet with all the possible means at hand.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/13 22:05:37
  • Slanderous smears should not become European scholars' label

    Academic freedom should not be reduced into an umbrella of pseudo-academics. Genuine scholars should assume the basic social responsibility and obligation - narrating their study results based on facts.

    By Gao Jian | 2021/4/13 21:32:48
  • One more blood stain in the US' horrible human rights record

    Black Americans are still in an unfair situation in the US. They still have a long way to go to fight for equality.

    By Lu Xue | 2021/4/13 20:42:59
  • Ukraine's NATO desires face Russian red lines

    It's obvious that Ukraine's territorial disputes will be difficult to resolve in the short term. Therefore, although NATO and Ukraine have many common interests, there are obstacles preventing the former from truly accepting the latter.

    By Zhang Hong | 2021/4/13 20:11:08
  • Can Joe Biden really fix US' failing infrastructure problems?

    Biden has tried his best to make an attempt at infrastructure reforms. But there is a fair chance that this grand infrastructure plan will only turn out to be a pretty PowerPoint. When it comes to the implementation, three contradictions are evident.

    By Shen Yi | 2021/4/13 17:08:40
  • A clearer commitment to Taiwan would risk strategic miscalculation for Washington

    Without an effective conflict management mechanism between China and the US in the Taiwan Straits, it is the US that should avoid strategic miscalculation.

    By Zhang Hua | 2021/4/13 9:59:39
  • Vaccine export dilemma

    India has halted exports of Remdesivir amid rising Covid-19 cases.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/12 21:43:00
  • The importance of digital technologies to Uzbekistan's fight against pandemic

    Studying foreign experience in digitalization, along with other developed countries, Chinese experience is worth mentioning.

    By Shavkat Alimbekov | 2021/4/12 21:18:39
  • Western media absent as Tokyo is about to dump radioactive water

    The Pacific is about to become the ocean of Japanese sewage. Relevant international organizations and media should have strengthened supervision on Japan, urged Japan to regularly release the status of nuclear sewage treatment and disclose the facts to the world to form a broader global consensus.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/12 21:04:22
  • US-Taiwan intel, public opinion wars won't waver mainland's will: Global Times editorial

    As the situation in the Straits has deteriorated, the risk of a full-scale war in the Straits due to accidental minor incidents is increasing. The only way to eliminate this risk is for the DPP to change its policies toward the Chinese mainland, and for the US to abandon its plans to use the island of Taiwan as a pawn in containing China.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/12 20:31:56
  • Military cooperation between US and Philippines faces vague prospects

    As for the bilateral relations, the Philippines actually has an ambivalent attitude toward the US. The Philippines hopes to receive assistance from the US. Yet it has always remained vigilant toward the US' major power mind-set.

    By Xu Liping | 2021/4/12 20:04:25
  • Low-carbon economy war new power games

    This new competition could even be called “a new global green and low-carbon economy war.”

    By Wang Wen | 2021/4/12 19:03:39
  • Will Australia interfere with NZ's China policy?

    Many countries have made an independent choice between following the US in containing China and deepening cooperation with China, in order to safeguard their vital interests.

    By Qin Sheng | 2021/4/12 18:19:19
  • China-US split not inevitable if two can refocus after Alaska: scholar

    Rivalry will be hard to avoid, but conflict is not predetermined.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/12 11:08:56
  • India should not harbor illusions over US intentions

    From the US perspective, the aim of its frequent wooing of India is to urge India to coordinate with the US' strategy and serve the national interests of the US, instead of India's national interests.

    By Lu Xue | 2021/4/11 21:17:17
  • Nuclear waste disaster

    The Japanese government is poised to release treated radioactive water accumulated at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea despite oppositions.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/11 21:06:18
  • BBC slapped in face by accusing CPC of 'fearing' Chinese people

    The CPC's people-oriented methods seem especially impossible for many British and US politicians to understand. In their mind-set, people are not really just people, but to a great extent, votes that are only useful for their political careers.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/11 19:53:33
  • Amid uncertainties of global COVID-19 fight, China should hold strong: Global Times editorial

    China has no intent to harm any country, but it has to guard against vicious motives. We must remain proactive in the next phase of the global fight against the pandemic. In this way, we can not only defend China's interests, but also safeguard the rights and interests of the developing world at large while helping the humanity put the pandemic under control.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/11 19:28:38
  • Chinese mainland needs adequate countermeasures to new US guidelines over Taiwan: Global Times editorial

    "Taiwan secession" has long become a joke. Now it is only a question of when and how the Chinese mainland will accomplish the reunification.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/11 18:43:16
  • Water shortages in Taiwan man-made calamity caused by DPP authorities

    Although the current drought and water shortage crisis in Taiwan seems to be a natural disaster, it is actually a man-made calamity caused by the DPP authorities.

    By Li Zhenguang | 2021/4/11 16:21:13
  • US needs new Ping-Pong Diplomacy

    At some point the US must make a serious and necessary effort to stabilize relations with China.

    By Clifford A Kiracofe | 2021/4/11 14:51:25
  • New guidelines on US-Taiwan interactions 'harassment', not 'turning point': observer

    The US Department of State announced on Saturday (Beijing time) that it has issued new guidelines for US government interaction with counterparts on the island of Taiwan to encourage US government engagement with the island that reflects their “deepening unofficial relationship.”

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/10 21:15:41
  • Fine on Alibaba serves to strengthen anti-monopoly awareness

    Chinese authorities imposed an 18.23 billion yuan ($2.78 billion) fine on e-commerce mammoth, Alibaba, for its violation of the anti-monopoly law. I've read the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR)'s administrative punishment written decision and SAMR's administrative guidelines.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/4/10 11:43:00
  • US proclaims human rights as cover for hegemony wars

    The US fanned the flames of subversion and violence in the name of democracy, created division and chaos under the banner of freedom, and engaged in exclusion and confrontation by exploiting the concept of human rights – all these so-called values exposed US selfishness.

    By Zhi Zhenfeng | 2021/4/9 22:15:03
  • Don't swallow vlogger ploys of over-drinking

    Being noticed and profits go hand in hand – but it's dangerous.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/9 21:58:39
  • China has three 'weapons' to deal with US provocation: Global Times editorial

    It is not the right time to reason with Washington. China has three “weapons” to counterattack US offensives.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/9 21:13:39
  • Can India capitalize on China-EU frictions?

    Enticement from the US and the EU are hard to resist for India. It is aware of its role as a chess piece of the two to contain China. What New Delhi can do is reap gains from the China-West game while refraining from tilting too much toward any one side.

    By Xin Hua | 2021/4/9 19:28:39
  • Striking a balance between Russia and Quad difficult for India

    India is attempting to secure its balance between the two major military powers that are also India's old and new military partners. It may be not feasible and even leave both Russia and the US feeling unpleased.

    By Qian Feng | 2021/4/8 22:11:39
  • Copying China

    With a "democratic Belt and Road Initiative," an infrastructure construction plan, and so on, is Uncle Sam taking lessons from China? Or is the US just an imitator?

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/8 20:35:02
  • Free speech debate misses point if Australia continues vilifying China

    When the Australian government is taking the lead in ignoring, condoning or even inciting hatred against Chinese and other Asians, those empty anti-racism slogans and demonstrations will only prove the hypocrisy of Australian politics.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/8 20:14:40
  • Taiwan authorities panic from their radical policies: Global Times editorial

    The present-day China is different from what it was several decades ago. The balance of military power in the Taiwan Straits has fundamentally changed.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/8 19:48:40
  • Can China, US repeat 'Ping-Pong Diplomacy'?

    The year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of "Ping-Pong Diplomacy." Was "Ping-Pong Diplomacy" an accidental event, or an inevitable one? During Joe Biden's term, can both countries repeat the success of "the small ping-pong ball that moved the big Earth ahead"?

    By Global Times | 2021/4/8 19:02:40
  • Japanese national interests hurt by diplomatic myopia

    Following the US' lead, Japan has been quite noisy recently in terms of China affairs. It shows that Japan suffers from diplomatic myopia and lacks foresight.

    By Da Zhigang | 2021/4/8 16:28:47
  • Is Washington Post fueling Asian fear hysteria?

    Saying “anti-China is not anti-Asian,” the Washington Post basically argues racist hate crimes are justified because people have good reason to be furious. It is saying anti-Asian is wrong, but anti-China is somehow justified.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/4/8 10:30:22
  • Multinationals must learn hard lesson of respecting local consumers

    A recent article in The New York Times said that Chinese consumers' anger toward some Western companies such as H&M and Nike over their irresponsible and inappropriate remarks over Xinjiang cotton has given Chinese brands a chance to win and China's young generation is "more nationalistic" and "actively looking for brands that can align with that confidently Chinese identity."

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/4/7 22:47:25
  • US politicians have no idea of own human rights issues, how to address them

    The problem with the US is that it considers its deeply-rooted human rights problems, such as racism and the gap between rich and poor, as an outlet for its domestic conflicts.

    By Shen Yi | 2021/4/7 22:11:23
  • Neglecting itself

    The US has become unable to do its own business well. How has it come to this place?

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/7 21:33:40
  • Biden's infrastructure plan may feel pain from US-China decoupling

    Without investing in related manufacturing sectors, Biden's ambitious infrastructure plan won't see desired results even with a huge investment.

    By Ding Gang | 2021/4/7 21:21:50
  • US cannot replicate 'Eight-Nation Alliance' against China

    Moves such as Quad-plus-France drill are only symbolic, without much influence on regional affairs. China is no longer what it was 120 years ago. No matter how hard the US strengthens its alliance system, it will fail to create a new "Eight-Nation Alliance."

    By Lu Xue | 2021/4/7 20:54:16
  • Global economic growth in 2021 should be clean, ethical: Global Times editorial

    China needs to speed up the production of vaccines, in a bid to shield people in the country by mass vaccination before winter and enable to support developing countries with more vaccines.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/7 20:18:20
  • Chinese Coast Guard are civilized law enforcement model in South China Sea

    As China has repeatedly stressed, with the Coast Guard Law, China's maritime law-enforcement activities will be more scientific and standardized.

    By Zong Haihe | 2021/4/7 18:53:37